10 Signs Coffee is Your Best Friend

10 Signs Coffee is Your Best Friend

October 3, 2018 2 By Lea Malanum

Your best friends are supposed to be your ride or die. They’re the ones you can always find that is always beside you when you’re sad, happy, or just being you. Have you ever wondered why your parents drank coffee so early in the morning? Or have you noticed the long queue in Starbucks stores during your morning run? Long queues of people waiting for a long time just to get that cup of coffee? That’s because in the world of adults, coffee has become the universal best friend and here are ten signs coffee might also be your best friend without you realizing it.

It’s the first thing you look for in the morning

When your alarm for the busy work day ahead of you has snoozed, sometimes you can’t help but be grumpy and disoriented. You might not even be open to any conversation or else they might suffer your wrath. You know what they say, give a person his or her cup of coffee and he will conquer the world. Okay, that’s not a real quote, but you know, coffee gives you the boost you need for the day.


It’s the last thing you want to drink before going to sleep (or attempting to)

After a long day of work, or when you are planning on pulling off an all-nighter, you find yourself prepping a mug of Americano because you know you can depend on coffee to help you stay awake. For some, though, coffee makes them sleepy so they drink a cup before they can retire themselves to dreamland.

When you’re at a restaurant, you immediately ask if they offer coffee

When you’re handed the menu, you immediately go to the drinks section and check if they have an espresso or to try their local blend and it will be a make or break if the restaurant will be in the running to be on your list of hangouts.

The barista from your favorite cafe already knows your usual

You spend most of your waking days at your favorite cafe to get your daily fix that you and the barista are already on a first name basis. You don’t even have repeat your order because they can almost do it with their eyes closed. And when there’s one day they didn’t see you order your usual, they actually get worried if you’re still alive.Yea, that bad.

When your friends offer you coffee every time you’re in a bad mood

Your friends, colleagues, and family offer you coffee when you’re in a foul mood because they know it will instantly brighten up your day. A cup of coffee is the way to your heart.

You try to encourage non-coffee drinkers what they’re missing out on

Coffee is life-changing, and if you encounter friends who haven’t tried a cup of joe or worse, if they don’t like coffee, you try your best to change their minds and take them to your favorite coffeehouse, because really, they’re missing out on a lot!

You like coffee-scented everything

Coffee scrub, coffee-flavored candy, coffee beer, or if you find anything infused with coffee, you want to try them out at least once. Heck I bet if you find a coffee scented perfume, you’ll buy it.

Whatever your weather is, you turn to coffee.

When you’re sad, you turn to coffee. When you’re in a celebratory mood, a cup of joe sounds like a good idea. Whatever your weather, there’s no doubt coffee will always be present to witness your wins.

While reading this, you’re sipping from your cup or heading to the pantry to fix yourself one

What is the ultimate indicator that coffee has become your bestie? When you have gone through the ten signs with a cup of coffee in hand or you’re already on your way to the pantry to brew your favorite beans.

Is coffee your best friend? What signs and symptoms have you diagnosed yourself with? Comment below and let us bond over our unified love for coffee!