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The 360 Smart Camera is the premium security camera of Qihoo’s line that is fit for home security. The main device is a white camera with 10.5cm in height with a 110 degree wide angle lens. It features both day and night vision that could be used for security, and as well as a baby or pet monitor.


The Camera


It features a 110° up tp 150° wide angle lens. It could be manually rotated to accommodate the mount to walls and the magnetic base helps on magnetic surfaces. Unlike most security cameras, it does not have an automatic panning feature. The camera is powered by a USB cord and plugged in to a socket. It records a 1280×720 pixel resolution or 20 fps which could capture events in good detail. To record any event, a micro-SD slot is on the side of the camera, or one could also record to your phone through the app.

The night vision is pretty decent considering the low hype for the camera, however camera placement is essential. A 7 meter maximum depth of field has to be taken into consideration and everything will be detected with precision.

It also has a two-way omnidirectional speaker and microphone that picks up sounds from a minimal distance of 5 meters.


The 360 Smart Camera App

The 360 Smart Camera App is a must when setting up the camera for operational use. The App is available on Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS.

Setting up the camera was easy and smooth. Plug the device, pair the camera with the wifi and phone and you’ll be able to view the feed from your phone.

The camera has a real-time live streaming feature that could be recorded at any given moment. One could also set-up text alerts when it detects movement of any sorts. It could send alerts to your phone when it detects movement in a specific “anti-theft area”, making your home safe and protected.

There are allot of surprises in store for those curious and playful. They have a wide range of baby sounds and lullabies in Chinese. It also has a streaming function that could be shared with family and friends to watch livefeeds.

Overall, the 360 Smart Camera is a reliable home security camera, the night and day feature are sure to keep one’s home, family and workplace safe and secure.  


—Article by CJ Olive