5 Tips for Grocery Shopping

5 Tips for Grocery Shopping

October 8, 2018 0 By Charlotte Garbin

As someone who’s living independently or in a big family and paying all bills needs a lot of ways on how to save and spend their money properly. Starting from their daily expenses in foods, fare from their place to work (vice versa) and other things they need to buy on that day. It’s not really easy to resist buying things that you just saw on the mall especially if you’re at a grocery store. Here are some tips to prevent us from spending money to things we really don’t need.

Make a Grocery List

Before going to a grocery, make sure to list all the things you need for that week. It is safer to have your groceries at weekends so that you won’t be having problems during weekdays. Make sure to stick on your list and avoid impulsive decisions!

Bring the exact amount of cash

Determine how much you’ll be spending according to your list. This will help you not to buy unnecessary things while going around the grocery shop. Of course, your fare should be already included on the cash you’ll be bringing. Also, not bringing your credit card is a big help!

Check out the Prices

Compare the prices of the item you are about to buy from bulk to per piece. Always inspect the item to avoid any defects or open seal. There are some products that can be bought at the cheapest price with a good quality. While some that cost too much with a good deal but same quality with a product that’s not expensive.

Try to shop at a local market

Some items are always cheaper at your local markets. Like fish, meat products, fruits and vegetables! It’s still best to buy there where some sellers offer fresh and new products at a cheaper price. Sure, that there are some products that you can’t find at a local market, so it’s still up-to-you which place you’re comfortable at.

Always check the Expiration Date

Avoid grabbing products without checking the expiration date. It’s like buying an empty ice cream! So be sure to inspect it first to know up until when you should consume it.

Going to a grocery just to buy what we really need but ended up buying unnecessary things is a big problem for all of us. Just make sure to be mindful all throughout and focus on your list. Think of your other expenses to keep you away from impulse purchases when you’re at the cashier area.