A New Blessing For Shamcey Supsup- Lee Is Coming!

May 17, 2018 0 By admin


The couples Shamcey Supsup and Llyod Lee are very excited for their baby this year.

The former beauty queen successfully launch it’s new burger joint together with her husband. In line with this, the couples announced that they are expecting a baby boy.

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Last December 29, 2013 the former beauty queen tied a knot with her boyfriend Llyod Lee. And she placed as third runner up in 2011 Miss Universe Pageant held in Sao Paulo Brazil.

She gave birth to her first baby girl last January 24, 2016. Mrs. Lee  posted in her instagram account the she undergo a caesarian operation to her first daughter named Nyla Kelcey or “Nyke”.

Arrived at the hospital, 7cm dilated. Really thought I could deliver normally, but because of unforeseen circumstances, had to undergo CS.” she said.

Now that Mrs. Lee is expecting a baby again, the couple hoped for a baby boy this time. She gracefully talked to the reporters around her and joked “Para girl and boy, puwede na, quota na,”.

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Mr. and Mrs. Lee revealed that they already have a name if the baby inside Shamcey’s tummy is a boy, they will name it “Peter Nathan”. “I’m four months pregnant and were very happy to welcome this new blessing in the family,” she said.

She also confirmed that her first pregnancy more difficult than this second pregnancy. “Mas mataba ako ngayon, mas grabe ang kain lagi ako gutom compared to my first baby. Mas madali na siguro ngayon because I’ve already experienced (it) with our first baby hindi na masyado, hindi na ako nagpapanic buying na pwede i-recycle, gamitin na natin for the baby number two,”  she added. She also said that this is the perfect timing for her first baby to have a baby brother or sister.

The couples has many reasons to smile nowadays. They already have their business and a new blessing which is their second baby.