Best Pinoy Comfort Food For Rainy Seasons

Best Pinoy Comfort Food For Rainy Seasons

June 8, 2018 0 By admin

Earlier today the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced that the rainy season already begun. And for some reasons, some schools and establishments cancels their activities. Meaning, you will be having more time to spend with your family at home. So for today I am giving you some of the Pinoy Comfort Food that you might enjoy cooking or eating with your family.


Is a famous Filipino dish which is perfect to complement a bad weather. This dish is quick to prepare, just saute the ginger, garlic, onion and chicken. After which, put some water and malagkit rice bring them to boil up until it gives you thick soupy mixture then seasoned it with salt and pepper to taste. You can also add a hard boiled egg to the dish. And because of the ginger, it can help boost your immunity against flu that is common during the rainy season.


This dish has a sweet taste that tickles your taste buds and kids will surely love. It is made out of Malagkit rice that is cooked with water with any of the following: Tablea, Cocoa Powder, or any chocolate powder. You can also adjust the sweetness of this dish by adding sugar. You may also drizzled some evaporated milk to add creaminess. It is also perfect if you add some dried fried fish (Tuyo) to contrast the sweetness of the dish.


This dish is like a hot version of halo halo. It has Saba ( a banana variant), sweet potatoes, pearls (sago), ripe jack fruit strips, black munggo, corn kernels, coconut milk, sugar, evaporated milk and the star of this dish is the “Galapong” (grounded malagkit rice) shaped into small balls.


This is one of the most popular dish for breakfast or midday snacks. This dish is also called Chicken Macaroni Soup. The macaroni were cooked in water then mixed cooked chicken strips, quail eggs (optional), and vegetables like carrots, cabbage and baguio beans. For extra creaminess of the dish you can add evaporated milk then seasoned it with salt and pepper to taste.


This dish is famous in every corner in the Philippine. Every town has its own version on how to cook this dish. The main ingredients of this dish are noodles, beef or chicken, hard boiled egg (optional) and fried garlic. Some of the versions of this dish, they put some Chicharon or pork liver.