Blackpink’s Jennie Launches Her Very Own YouTube Channel, Watch Her First Video

Blackpink’s Jennie Launches Her Very Own YouTube Channel, Watch Her First Video

January 18, 2021 0 By Vhea

Jennie, one of the members of the South Korean girl group the Blackpink, has recently launched her her very own YouTube channel, the Jennierubyjane Official.

It has just been a few days since Jennie joined YouTube with a verified account. And it was just about two (2) days ago when she has posted her very first video entitled “Hello world . From Jennie”. But with that video alone, she was already able to gain Over 10 Million views.

In the video “Hello world . From Jennie”, Jennie introduced her brand-new YouTube channel and shared a brief story of how she has decided to put up her own channel.

Furthermore, she also reveled that the “Hello world . From Jennie” video was published on the day of her birthday, which is January 16.

“Hello everyone, it’s JENNIE! I finally got to open my YouTube channel. Celebrating my birthday, I was thinking what I should do. And I decided to turn on my camera to share my daily life and exciting things with you guys,” said Jennie.

“My first video will be up on the 16th of January, and celebrating my birthday, I prepared a cover clip for you guys,” she added. Thus, did a cover of Mandy Moore’s “When Will My Life Begin?”.

Watch JENNIE’s When Will My Life Begin Cover

As of today, Jennie has already amassed over three million (3M) YouTube subscribers with only one video up on her channel.

Who are excited to catch more videos from Blackpink’s Jennie? If so, well, she did say “I’ll try to make better videos for you guys from how on!” So, pretty sure you get to see more from her soon.

Have you already subscribed to her YouTube channel? What are you expecting from Jennie’s future videos? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below.