Dwayne Johnson in MCU?

Dwayne Johnson in MCU?

May 3, 2019 0 By admin

After a very successful culmination for the infinity saga through Avengers: EndGame. People have been congratulating the MCU specifically the actors and of course the directors, brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo. A huge congratulations was also given to Marvel studios under the helm of Kevin Feige.

The Rock Thanking MCU

Among those who congratulated and thanked the MCU is A-list Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In his instagram video, “The Rock” congratulated the producers for “shattering records and for making the biggest movie of all time”.

“The Rock” also congratulated the cast and crew of the Avengers: Endgame. He even jokingly called Chris Hemsworth, “unattractive”.


Hinting of Joining MCU?

Towards the end of his message, after congratulating Marvel producer Kevin Feige, he mentioned that he is looking forward to having their schedules linking up, as their assistants have been trying to get them together over for a meeting.

Could this mean that should the meeting prosper, we will see “The Rock” over at MCU? We’ve already seen unconfirmed reports of Angelina Jolie being casted in another MCU film the Eternals. So it looks like the MCU is going to have more A-listers joining the superhero / supervillain gig.

Whatever happens we are sure that the next phase of the MCU will be awesome. For now let’s just join “The Rock” in thanking and congratulating everyone at Marvel for making a movie of EPIC proportions and for sending the people home HAPPY.