Effects of using DIRTY BRUSHES

Effects of using DIRTY BRUSHES

October 5, 2018 0 By Charlotte Garbin

Some people take time before they clean their makeup brushes because of some circumstances. Little do they know, not cleaning it regularly have a terrible effect on the skin. Here is some effect that will surely make you wash your brushes after reading this.

A Ton of Bacteria.

Even though you are cleaning your face before applying makeup, it can still build up bacteria coming from your unwashed brushes. It’s because of the ¬left-out powder or liquids from the last time you applied makeup. If you keep on using those overused brushes, then you are likely spreading bacteria on your face willingly. The most horrifying that will happen is getting a staph infection. According to The Daily Mail Australia, an Australian woman contracted a staph infection after sharing makeup brushes with a friend, leaving her paralyzed in the legs and arms. So, be careful if you wouldn’t want that to happen to yourself.

Your pores can get clogged up.

If you’re wondering why you keep on having breakouts, it might because of the brushes you use. Do you know that bacteria triggers pimple breakouts by clogging your pores? That is why people with a lot of open pores are more prone to having breakouts.

It makes your makeup look worse.

We use brushes to spread our makeup evenly and smoothly. But it won’t be that way anymore if you keep on using brushes that are unwashed for more than a week. Your makeup will easily become cakey and won’t last long. Worse, it will make you look older from your age.

Your face gets easily irritated.

Yup! Makeups are not the only one that can make your face easily irritated. Your brushes might at fault, too!

Wrinkles will come out fast.

It’s true! According to Dr. Palmer, “Dirty makeup brushes can expose the skin to oxidative stress from free radicals, which causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin and can result in premature aging.”

Surely some of these effects make you feel gross. So, cleaning it regularly, preferably once a week, is very essential to keep your skin healthy and keep your makeup look good and fresh!