Helping The Little Dreamers Of Cuba

May 30, 2018 0 By admin

I always wanted to help other people in the best way I can. I always wanted to do an outreach program for children. The smile on their faces relieves the tiredness that you may feel. The little dreamers of a small community.

As a part of Brigada Eskwela 2018, Zymph Business Solutions in partnership with Kaizen Builders Inc., chooses to help the little dreamers of Cuba Barrio School in Cuba, Kapangan Benguet. There are 40 Students in this school from kindergarten to grade six. The school has three classrooms one of the rooms serves as their library.

It took us two and a half to reach the small municipality of Cuba. I thought that it is the end, that we already reached our destination but come to my surprises our tour will not end just right there. The real adventure starts as we got off the truck. Honestly, my friends knew that I am a Acrophobia, and I don’t want to walk through a hanging bridge.

But to my surprise, for us to reached the Cuba Barrio School, we have to trek for 18 minutes. And after a countless steps, we need to cross over a hanging bridge. It was my first time to cross , and take note this is the only way for us to reached the said school. And I was so scared to cross that hanging bridge and it’s sways as the wind blows.

The only thing in my mind at that time is that if I didn’t cross that hanging bridge, how would I be able to help the little dreamers of Cuba?. So with my all might and strength, I was able to cross that scary bridge but with full fear. But I trusted my team who are already at the end of the bridge and cheering for me. When I reached the end of the bridge, I felt my knees turned into jellies.

After crossing that scary bridge, we trailed and walked and hiked carrying some of the materials that the school may need like paints. We also have the materials in making Identification cards for the student of Cuba. As we arrived, the teachers gave us a warm welcome together with the social development worker of the said municipality. They also served us lunch. After eating lunch, we went straight to our mission. We donated paints for the school and made some school identification cards for the student.

All of the tiredness and fear that I encountered during this activity are gone when I personally saw the smile of the students as well as the smile of their parents. We can be also a hero to these little dreamers by donating books or any materials that could help them in their study just click this link on how

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