Places, Foods and Where To Go in The City Of Pines

May 21, 2018 0 By admin

A nice place to stay, foods to eat and where to go these are the common problem of tourist’s whenever they visit the City of Pines. So here are some of the  places you might want to visit next time.



If your planning to stay in Baguio City for 2 or 3 days it is better to go to a hotel. This hotel offers a lot of amenities that you can take advantage of  like their breakfast buffet from six in the morning up until ten in the morning, and their unlimited coffee just ask from the front desk office. Aside from this one, you could also enjoy the sunrise while enjoying your coffee since they have rooms with verandas and it is facing where the sun rises.


If you are a nature lover then you should try this activity. In this activity you would enjoy the presence of mother nature, you can also see here different kinds of birds  as well as plants. Along the trail you will pass through a small stream and it is challenging because the stones that you will steeped in is slippery, so be careful in passing through this stream. In addition, you can also bring a picnic blanket and food for the reason that there is a place in the middle of the train where in you can have a picnic with your friends and family.


A few steps at the end of the trail, you would see the LockedIn the first escape room in the City of Pines. Many have tried but few are born detectives. This is a game where in you were given 60 mins. to solve the mystery puzzles for you to escape the room. There are eight (8) rooms that you can choose from, two of the rooms are live action which means that there is an actor/killer to make the game more exciting.


After a playing or hiking, it’s time for you to treat your self a authentic and delicious foods. The specialties in this restaurant are Filipino foods like “Kare-Kare, Sinigang na Salmon belly, Bagnet, and Chicharong Isda” . With a nice and calming scenery plus a cool weather you could enjoy eating your food. They also offering different kinds of cakes for desserts and their famous “Choco De Baterol”. 


After playing, hiking and eating you must not forget to taste and bring home some of the authentic and home made salsa and vinegar. They offer different kind of Pasalubong’s that are export quality like “Sukang Watwat ” perfect for chicharons and chips, “Sosyalamang” which is the perfect partner of green mangoes, “Sukang Wagas” this vinegar taste a little sweet it is a combination of “Sukang Watwat” and “Bigas” and there famous Home made “Salsa” perfect for salads.


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