The Best Of Baguio Tour Takes You To Atok, Benguet!

May 22, 2018 0 By admin

It will only took you two hours from Baguio City going up to Atok, Benguet. This place is the one I will consider as the best municipality in Benguet. Here you will see the beauty that this city have. Nice weather, breathtaking views and hospitable locals, these are some of the reason why you need to visit Atok in your next travel destinations. Here are some highlights of the two days Best of Baguio Tour.

Northern Blossom Farm

This is the place wherein you can see the rose cabbages. This our first destination for our day two tour. But before you reached this place you have to pass through Halsema Highway, for those of have motion sickness please make sure to take proper medication because this road is known to have sharp curves. If you want to catch the sunrise it more advisable to leave Baguio City around three in the morning.

In this place you will see different kinds of flowers like Snapdragons comes with different colors, Delphinium, Million Flowers, and Rose Cabbages. There is a entrance fee of 200 pesos but it is all worth it, aside from the flowers you will also see a majestic view of mountains. After the tour, you could take a rest in the host’s cabin and enjoy their free brewed coffee and bread.


After visiting the famous cabbage rose here in Atok, next stop is the Sakura Farm. You don’t have to go to Japan just to see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms since AtokĀ  has this. Before you can go to this place, it is more advisable if you stop by the Municipal Hall of Atok for them to delegate a tourist guide so that you would not be lost in the middle of your tour. Not sure about the prices but i assure you that is not expensive.

The Cherry Blossoms are just two years old, so please take extra precautions when taking pictures. And bring your garbage with you, don’t leave them scattered around the area.


This is out last stop before we ate lunch. In this place you would feel that you are the queen or king of the world. You will also see breathtaking views from the mountains in addition you will also see a water falls. There is also a few stalls where in you could buy snacks and souvenirs like bracelets and ref magnets.


After a long and enjoyable tour, time to refuel your tummy. This eatery gives you delicious and affordable foods with free brewed Atok Arabica coffee. The price of their food starts from 100 pesosĀ  and their rice is not just an ordinary white rice it is a RED RICE, which cost 15 pesos per cup.

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