The Friendship That I Will Treasure The Most

May 23, 2018 0 By admin

We meet a lot of people every single day but in times of difficulties and struggles sometimes they leave. Sad reality but it is true. Whenever you meet people they just simply come and go.

After resigning in my previous Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) I immediately went to a lot of job fair just to get a new job for my family and of course to meet new people. Last October 7, 2017 I applied as a Marketing and Communications Officer in a Real Estate Company.

My first training at Kaizen Builders Inc.

After seven months of staying in this company, I met five awesome people which I consider them as my family. They are the ones whom I run to whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, shared my dramas with and they are the ones who give me an eye opening advice.

I will never forget my first adventure with them. We went to Bolinao, Pangasinan, after telling them that I never seen a beach, no second thought was made. It took us five hours land travel  to reached what they called little Boracay from the City of Pines. Good thing that one of my friends brought his car, it will be a hassle for us if we go there by Bus. In our two days stay, we make a lot of fun memories.

After having fun in the beach, we talked about our next destination we came up to an idea that we will be hiking and the place would be Mt. Yengbew located in Tawang, La Trinidad Benguet. This is my first time to do such activity because of my asthma, despite of my sickness they cheered me up and assured me that they will be always on my back to watch me throughout the hike.

After the tiring hike, next destination is in Atok, Benguet. Again it is my first time to go up north. It’s quite hard for me because I have a motion sickness and the road going to Atok has sharp curves. I still enjoy the ride because I was able to captured the sunrise. It took us two hours to reach the small municipality of Sayangan. We were able to catch the beautiful rose cabbages before they were harvested. Aside from their rose cabbages they also have a platation of different kinds of flowers.

Also, we were able to see some of the Cherry Blossoms, meaning to say we don’t have to travel to Japan just to see those kinds of flowers. We were also able to see the Lourdes Grotto, in here you will see breathtaking views of mountains.

We already traveled a lot, so I am looking for more adventures with these awesome people @quint”essence”tial @nerdyninja @karagblog @techtography