The Residences At Brent Launches It’s 5th Building

May 25, 2018 0 By admin

There’s plenty of reasons why people chooses to lived here in the City of Pines, some of these reasons are nice and cold weather, hospitable and friendly people, and of course their foods. Also, Baguio City is also known for Pine Trees, Good thing that there is still a place where in you could enjoy the cold breeze of the city and  the view of the pine trees.

Earlier today, The Residences At Brent, launches their fifth building and named it Ogilby Hall. It has 39 units but 2 are sold already.  However there are still available units that you can avail. Mr. Jaoquin Buenaflor, the Vice President and Treasurer of Willowtree Development Corporation gave his welcome remarks to the guest, while Mr. Dick B. Robbins, President, Willowtree Development Corporation and Brent Schools Inc. gave his special message and lead the ceremonial toast. While we are waiting for the food to be served by the Hill Station, The Edralins Band serenades us by their cover of the 90’s song. Ms. Mona and Ms. Zina are the master of ceremonies. They also gave us some overview of The Residences of Brent.

Mr. Joaquin Buenaflor giving his welcome remarks via @sirvincentph

Mr. Dick B. Robbins giving his special message  via @sirvincentph

Also, Mr. Ulysses D. Gaerlan, Vice President for Marketing and Sales gave an overview of the Ogilby Hall. The said unit are ranging from one to four bedrooms,, which is perfect for families and planning to have one. Some of the unit owners are spotted in the said event.

Mr. Ulysses D. Gaerlan VP for Marketing and Sales via @sirvincentph

As the clock strike at ten thirty, Hill Station catering service served us morning snack, like chicken empanandita, mini carrot cup cakes, and cheese spring rolls which is delicious by the way.

Before the program ends, the staff gave us some tokens they also have a raffle draw wherein five lucky guests won a three brand new umbrellas, one jacket for male and one jacket for female. After which the guest did some selfies around the venue.


Featured Image @TheResisdencesAtBrent