Thor: Love and Thunder is Coming Soon!

Thor: Love and Thunder is Coming Soon!

July 18, 2019 0 By Charlotte Garbin

Thor will be returning in cinemas for the fourth installment of the superhero’s solo series and Marvel Studios has commissioned Taika Waititi to write and direct the fourth outing after a remarkable success of his work, “Thor: Ragnarok.”

The writer-director made his comeback by closing a deal with Disney and Marvel Studios to helm “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Right now, plot details about the movie are remaining under wraps and the film is still slated for a theatrical release on November 5, 2021 .

Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor, was last seen at this year’s record-breaking “Avengers: Endgame” where he ended up joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. This left his fans wondering whether he will be appearing in James Gunn’s “Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3, ” have his own standalone sequel or maybe perform in both.

Tessa Thompson’s character, Valkyrie, who was introduced in “Thor: Ragnarok,” is also expected to return in the fourth installment of Thor. While Natalie Portman will be joining the crew and going to take up the hammer as the female Thor in the highly anticipated sequel.

The Chris Hemsworth-led superhero solo series is the most recent movie set for the fourth phase of MCU. Marvel Studios has yet to make announcements after officially closed the book on Phase 3 after the release of “Spider-Man: Far from Home.”