Why Travelling is Essential in Life

Why Travelling is Essential in Life

October 10, 2018 1 By Jemi Diochel Calinog

Some people might say that travelling is just a form of luxury. That instead of saving for home expenses, you choose to go off to some place and spend money on stuffs with aren’t really “essential”. But surely, those who have been to different places already will oppose this idea. Because for them, every single travel gives them a chance to see life in different perspectives which is for them, a great privilege to experience and reflect on.

So let’s look at travelling through their perspective.

What makes travelling essential to one’s life?

  1. It teaches you to go out of your comfort zone.

    Many times, learning begins only when you stop being afraid and start taking a step forward. The world is for you to explore so take courage. And the more places you visit, the more things you will discover about yourself- things you didn’t know you can or cannot do because something might be holding you back. Who knows? Travelling may bring out your adventurous side that you never thought you had. So go out into the world because it’s time to discover more about yourself.

  2. It points you towards a positive perspective about life.

    As you go to different places, you get to experience how people in those places live day by day. You will see and somehow experience their joys and struggles as each day goes by and this makes you contemplate on your own life. Just like when visiting places that can’t be reached by advances in technology or places where a lot of people are poor, you learn to appreciate what you have. From there, you start seeing your life in a better way.

  3. It allows you to learn and understand different cultures.

    Travelling to places will give you the chance to see how locals live their life in accordance to their customs. From celebrations, food, ceremonies and the like, the uniqueness and distinction of one culture to another will leave you in awe and will help you understand why they have such traditions. Hence, your mind will be open to learning and embracing diversity without any discrimination.

  4. It gives you a taste of totally different cuisines. 

    One of best things about travelling is having the opportunity to try on local cuisines. And aside from understanding their culture through the food that they eat, you’ll get to learn their recipes and maybe experiment on them when you get back home to share it with your family and friends too.

  5. It reminds you that there’s more to life than bad experiences. 

    Don’t be too consumed by your problems. Aside from the fact that problems are just temporary and are meant to make you stronger, there are still a lot things to be thankful about. And by travelling to different places, you’ll realize how beautiful the world is and how it was meant to be that way so that we can enjoy our lives while living in it.

It’s time you start travelling.

If you haven’t gone to other places yet because you’re thinking about the expenses more than the things you can actually gain from it, it is time you start travelling. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to travel, leave your problems behind and just breathe for a second before facing them once you get back. Take the chance while you have it. You deserve a break from everything- time to relax, learn and know yourself more.